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Au Fait Entertainment LLC 

"El Pasos Premium Sound"

We Are a Young & Creative
Music Production Company

Au Fait Ent has one mission only and that's to help turn your dreams to reality! With the right guidance you can minimize the time it takes to reach your first music career milestone. Industry quality is crucial in today's market. From composition to songwriting, production/engineering, & structure we've got you covered. Let us get you where you want to be!


Guitars. Drums. Keys. Vocals. Quality tracking at an industry pace. Our tracking engineers have the experience to analyze any problems/doubts(if any) over anything from the vocal tone to production or song structure, and find a solution so that your mix comes out exactly as intended. 

What We Do


Mixing & mastering plays a crucial role in the process of engaging new fans/listeners. We are here to make sure your song is pleasing to the ear. Whether you have pre-recorded vocal/instrumental stems you'd like to send in or you record them here at Au Fait, we'll be sure to have you sounding your best, just as you originally heard in your head. 


Your sound, your style, your vibes. With producers fluent in multiple genres, we can compose the type of beat/instrumental you're looking for. Already have vocals recorded on a beat you'd like to build off? No problem! We can tailor the instrumentation to suit your needs.

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